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That night, 16-17 July 1918, exactly one hundred years ago, Nicolas II, the last Czar of Russia, his wife, Empress Alexandra, and their five children were savagely murdered, in the cellar of the Ipatiev house (Yekaterinburg, Siberia) where they remained captives after the 1917 revolution. About midnight the family, and their remaining servants were awakened by a Bolshevik squad. The Czar carried his son in his arms. they were told to go downstairs to a cellar room where a photo of them was supposed to be arranged. Chairs were brought for Nicolas and Alexandra at the latter request, the frail crown prince sitting on his father’s lap. The daughters and staff stood behind. Then a group of armed men entered the room. They were told that as their relatives has attempted to save them, the Soviets had to shoot them all. The Czar looked at his family, then looked back at the squad, saying “what? what?”. The Bolchevik commandant repeated the sentence and immediately shot the Czar. The Empress and their daughter Olga tried to make the sign of the cross but did not have enought time. Alexandra died immediately. The squad of murderers apparently went wild, firing hysterically, some of the bullets bounced off the helpless victims (it was later discovered that this had been caused by bullets hitting diamonds secretly sewn in the corsets worn by the girls). It took 30 minutes to kill everyone. Then the bodies were loaded on trucks and taken to a mine shaft, stripped of their clothes and burned. The burial site was found much later, in 1979, and the remains of the Czar and his family were burried in St-Petersburg in 1998. They are considered by the Orthodox church as holy martyrs of the Bolchevism. It seems that Lenin himself had ordered their execution. The sinister Ipatiev house was demolished in 1977 and replaced by the Church-on-the-blood. May the Czar and his family remain in eternal peace, and Russia makes peace with its past🙏🏻

В отличие от лирики и подобно эпосу, ДРАМА воспроизводит прежде всего внешний мир — взаимоотношения между людьми, их поступки и возникающие конфликты.🌹

100th anniversary 🙏🏻 By this time, 100 years ago, Tsarina Alexandra had already written what would be the last entry in her diary: ‘17th July’ (written both in the Julian and Gregorian calendar). She had the custom of writing the date of the next day after she had finished writing what she had done that day. She didn’t know the next day wasn’t going to be filled in. This is a picture of the original diary. #romanov #tsarnicholasii #nicky #tsarinaalexandra #alix #otmaa #otma #grandduchess #olganikolaevna #tatiananikolaevna #marianikolaevna #anastasianikolaevna #tsarevich #tsarevichalexei #alexeinikolaevich #picture #photography #history #victorianage #belleepoque #lovely #royals #tsarkoeselo #saintpetersburg #russia #yekaterinburg #100thanniversary #assasination #diary

100 years ago today .... So much suffering and death .... and still a communist in charge of Russia. #ThisDayinHistory 1918, Czar Nicholas II & his family are executed by #Bolsheviks, ending the 300 year-old #Romanov dynasty. The disastrous outcome of the Russo-Japanese War led to the #RussianRevolution of 1905, which ended only after #Nicholas approved a representative assembly and promised constitutional reforms. The #czar retracted these concessions & repeatedly dissolved assembly when it opposed him. In 1914, Nicholas led his country into #WWI, a costly war #Russia was ill-prepared to win. Discontent grew as food became scarce, soldiers became war weary & defeats at the hands of #Germany demonstrated the Russia's ineffectiveness under Nicholas. In March 1917, #revolution broke out on the streets of what's now #St.Petersburg & Nicholas was forced to abdicate his throne later that month. That November, the radical socialist Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir #Lenin, seized power in Russia from the provisional government & set about establishing the world’s first #communist state. Civil war broke out in Russia in June 1918, and in July the anti-Bolshevik forces advanced on #Yekaterinburg, where Nicholas and his family were located. Local authorities were ordered to prevent a rescue of the family, and after a secret meeting of the Yekaterinburg #Soviet, a death sentence was passed on the imperial family. Late in the night of July 16, Nicholas, #Alexandra, their five children & 4 servants were ordered to dress quickly and go down to the cellar of the house in which they were being held. There, they were arranged in two rows and were told they were posing for a photograph. Suddenly, a dozen armed men burst into the room and gunned down the #imperial family in a hail of gunfire. Those who were still breathing when the smoke cleared were stabbed to death. The remains of Nicholas, Alexandra & 3 of their children were secretly discovered in 1976 and excavated in 1991. The Crown Prince Alexei & one #Romanov daughter were not accounted for, fueling the persistent legend that #Anastasia, the youngest daughter had survived. Their graves were found in 2007. #RussianHistory

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