Such a pleasure to wind down in the evening.. ☕ Well, kind of. I'm editing my next #MBFW VLOG! If you haven't seen the first, check the link in my bioooo! 🍒

It is important to find time for yourself, and wind down of a night. Whether it be a glass of wine, your favourite tv show, a good book or a beautiful smelling candle 😍 Click the link in bio to find your perfect handmade scented candle!

Extremely excited to announce I’ve added another weekend retreat to my schedule so we can enter the winter months feeling grounded and ready to embrace a slower pace of life. At this time of year, the whispers of winter are drawing closer and you will begin to notice that your body is craving more relaxation, restoration and the need to slow down. At the same time, the festive craziness is about to step up a gear, demanding even more of your energy and time. I invite you to join me on this weekend at the stunning Fishley Hall to take the opportunity to slow down, go within and to honour the natural rhythm rising within you. We will enjoy a slower but deeper yoga practice, lots of pranayama, meditation and sound healing to help us find stillness and to surrender to being rather than doing. We will reflect on the year gone by, celebrating our successes, accepting the challenges and releasing whatever we want to leave behind so we can move forward into 2019 with a fresh perspective. Give me a nudge if you’re interested @fishleyhall #winterretreat #weekendretreat #healingweekend #yogaretreat #tulawellnessretreats #winddown #winddownforwinter #timeout #nourishyoursoul

Wine, Pink Floyd, and a view make a perfect nightcap 😌 #city #citylights #wine #pinkfloyd #peace #winddown #relax

A @caocigars Brazilia Amazon and some #greygoosevodka to round out the evening. #winddown #relaxation

The gift to me after a very busy day....LOVE is the ultimate law of life!❣ @yogitea

Feels good being back at work! Here's a little wind-down sketch done before bed after a long day of working off the rust. Playing around with some more extreme angles. Hope you enjoy it! #sketch #drawing #winddown #pencil #art #comics #Wonderwoman #dc #Diana #dccomics #comicbooks #fanart #artistoninstagram #gallery #marcfhuizinga #princess #coffee #drawing #waifu

Cup full in more ways than one. ☕️ I’ve been loving @FourSigmatic’s Hot Cacao with Reishi Mushrooms lately Helps me relax, chill out, and is perfect before bed · Do you have something you drink at night for a bedtime routine?⠀ ☽ ↓

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.— The Miracle of Mindfulness, #thichnhathanh

Wind down, all natural.