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Charlotte’s W5 @charlottesgroup is the perfect place to enjoy Brunch, Lunch or Dinner this weekend in #Ealing! They also offer a children's menu too.🍽️ Plus, at the moment they have a great Summer offer, where you can save 25% off all food & drink until the end of August simply quote CHARLOTTE'S SUMMER SALE to redeem. You can find Charlotte's W5 at: The Old Stable Block Dickens Yard Longfield Avenue Ealing W5 2UQ

It's Friday tomorrow. 🌊

Really big fan of what they have done @markethalls #westisbest #hospitality #restaurants #newideascoming

I get it. You’re busy. Honestly- who isn’t? We all have our own lives, jobs, dogs to walk, maybe you have kids, maybe you’re a volunteer, creating the cure for cancer, scrolling your insta feed for like 2 hours a night 🤷🏻‍♀️👀 I’m busy too. We all have our shit. But what I think is interesting is that we can waste so much time watching Insta stories, binging Netflix, online shopping, but when you ask someone to do something for themselves they’re suddenly “too busy.” Realistically- you aren’t too busy, you just aren’t making it a priority. Trust me girl, I’ve been there too 😬 Recently on a team call the speaker had us say “I’m not too busy, I’m just not making my health a priority.” And idkkk about you but when I said that statement I legit wanted to vomit 🤮😳 Guys, we all have the same number of hours in a day. I’m not super woman because I workout or eat healthy, I just decided that I wanted to make it a priority in my life and quit putting MYSELF on the back burner. So ask yourself... Are you making yourself a priority everyday?

Scot retrieved this beautiful swans feather from the canal at Port Dundas this afternoon. While he had a couple of casts with his lure, he caught one tiny jack pike, I wandered off. I saw a kestrel fly, hover and then dive but come up empty handed, sorry talloned. He was then chased off by an irate magpie. They don't seem to be afraid of much except pussy cats. I also saw the family of swans who this feather no doubt came from. They had three cygnets. The Swans at Spies warf had five and the ones in Springburn park had seven.I must go soon and see how they are doing. 😎🕊🐥😍 . . . #scotland #glasgow #milesbetter #smilesbetter #westisbest #musicity #forthandclydecanal #naully #portdundas #swanstigram #swanquill #flytying #muteswan #thisisglasgow #thisisscotland

"We have spent the last week here... no reception, beautiful scenery, stunning night sky & happy memories made! Tea Tree East, Tamala Station, WA." photo by @outtaorbit_ #blackseriescamper

they always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself 〰 andy warhol 〰 〰 〰 #westbourne photo by @alilabelle

When you grow a sunflower that’s bigger than your head 🌻 #proudboy #sunflower

Sometimes I like to watch my prosthetic work. It's awesome that this technology exists! Without it, I would struggle in the backcountry. Click the link in my profile to see the video of my latest adventure! #AmputeeAdventurer #AdaptiveNation @ottobockus_ca

Today’s foraging ! Delicious chanterelles from our woods . Very therapeutic pastime. #foragingformushrooms #wildchanterelles #westisbest #mushroomheaven