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Unlimited playground with Guerlain Chicherit⠀ Dakar practice in Merzuga Desert, Morocco⠀ © www.TristanShu.com

A Game of Thrones fan would recognize this gate as the entrance to Yunkai. In reality the mud city of Ait Ben Haddou is a 17th century desert marvel nestled at the base of the Atlas Mountains.

🇲🇦 ----------- Submit your comment if you have ever seen a 🐫in real life! :) ----------- South of the Atlas Mountains, between the villages of Tinghir and Ourzazate, we found this lovely animal somewhere in the landscape of Morocco. Where almost no humans live, where trees and plants are rare, there you can find those beautiful camels. Living a calm and peaceful life in their natural surrounding. We do respect those animals and are very impressed that they feel at home in areas where you might be walking for hours just to find little water. Kefta is by the way the Arabic word for camel. Nikon D850 Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2 _________________________________ @bbcearth @bbc_travel @earthpix @earth_shotz @cntraveler @simplymorocco @inmorocco @earthoutdoors @ig_dynamic @igworld_global @globalcapture @natgeoadventure @natgeotravel . #landscape_lovers #sky_captures #landscapephotography #fantastic_earth #landscape_captures #ic_landscapes #nature_wizards #nature_shooters #landscapestyles_gf #ourplanetdaily #landscapehunter #special_shots #naturediversity #landscapelovers #earth_deluxe #nature_prefection #nature_brilliance #withmytamron #allnatureshots #EarthVisuals #welivetoexplore #loves_Morocco #moroccotravel #travelmorocco #moroccotrip #visitmorocco #unlimitedmorocco #maroc #kefta #camel

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I want to introduce you to someone very special and important today! This is Zoubair, aka Z, Zoubs, and Zoolander to certain guests. 😉 He manages Maison 28 all the time, and he manages me some of the time! I’m pretty sure that I drive him crazy on many occasions, but he hides it well-most of the time! 😜 🙏🏼 He is constantly kind, calm, and caring. With every person he meets. It’s a gift. HE is a gift. I truly could not imagine doing any of this without him! He has literally been “with me” from before the beginning-when he asked to work for me 2 years ago- long before I knew what I needed to survive the “dream life” of having my own Riad in Marrakech! 🙏🏼 While I continue to work hard to add soul to this house, he is the heart. 🙏🏼 He is my good, good friend, my family, and my “fixer” for almost. every. thing. And there are many THINGS!! Really, you can’t imagine all the THINGS you come up against here! 😲 🙏🏼 So today, I just want to say how much I appreciate and love him to pieces for all the care he takes for me, this house, and every one of our guests. 🙏🏼 If you are ever crazy enough, lucky enough, and brave enough to have your own Riad guest house in Marrakech, you will need a man just like this! But, really, I think he is one of a kind… 🙏🏼 Always grateful for you @zizou_hn ❤️❤️❤️