Happiest birthday selena (@zendayaupdate) you’re one of the sweetest person’s i know. You deserve everything in life have an awesome day & god bless you💖

Part 17- Tom turned the corner, and that was the end of him. Or so you had thought. You turned towards you aunt and hugged her, she was surprised, but hugged you back. Tears were streaming down your face, freedom at last. Your aunt unlocked the car and told you to sit as she bought something from the store. As you sat in the car, you looked into the rear view mirror, Tom’s car had just turned back into the highway. What was it about him? The eyes? His touch? You felt empty, in such short time, you had adapted to his actions. Lost in your thoughts, your aunt called your name. “y/n? are you ok? did he hurt you? y/n?” You shook your head, then began to speak. There was a story to be told. . . . ooooh 2 chapters in one day

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