High tides & stormy weather meant the Ingles River at Wynyard was very high...so much so that some of the River Walk path was under water for our wander this afternoon 😂🐶

I love salmon and I love spicy food. So this one is just perfect for me! 😋🌶 - Spicy Salmon Roll 🍣 The raw salmon is marinated with chilli sauce, dashi and dark soy sauce. Then, they're rolled together with avocado, carrot, and cucumber. You like it as much as I do? - #HowFarWillYouGo #TowardsZeroWaste #SaluteTheReuser #PlasticWise

These 2 lovelies taking advantage of the easy 2km walk to Snug Falls outside of Snug township. Thanks for sharing @rainbow_paws_psychology

Apalah aku tanpa bumbu sop instant yang dipake untuk emergency kalo tiba2 ga mood masak tapi laper ⚡️ (kenapa ini IG makin lama isinya makin geje, hehe) #asianstore

Hobart... Flick is coming your way on the 7th and 8th of September and she has 2 spaces left for portraits, adventure session, boudoir, or fine art shoots. She loves shooting down south, exploring old haunts & has some super exciting sessions booked for this trip already. (Mountains, cityscapes & seaside deliciousness) Comment or inbox for more information and special price bookings. East Coast (Binalong Bay) Flick will be coming your way on September 9th and has 1 space available for portraits or adventure sessions. Super excited to be capturing all the beauty of Binalong. Travel is my favourite part of this job! #hobart #hobartandbeyond #tasmanianphotography #photoshoot #hobartphotography #mountaintop #mtwellington #mountwellington #tasmania #binalongbay #photography #photographer #goldenhour #adventurephotography #adventure #tasmaniawhyweloveit

Oh sushi, I'm ‘soy’ into you 😜 - 🍣 California Roll Crab stick, mayo, avocado, carrot, cucumber, sesame seeds 🍣 Cooked Salmon Roll Cooked salmon, mayo, spring onion. 🍣 Avocado Roll Avocado, carrot, mayo, white sesame seeds - Which one would you pick? - #HowFarWillYouGo #TowardsZeroWaste #SaluteTheReuser #PlasticWise

Not abandoned. Just so rustic and beautiful. I would love a photo studio in a place like this. #rustydreams #rustybutstillbeautiful #tassiefarmlands #barns #rustyrelics #tasmaniawhyweloveit #backroadstasmania #tassielife #tassiestyle

It was a big first day on our @tasmania photography adventure. After getting to our camp site, we headed out to Lady Barron Falls to capture an image before the light faded. The light condition weren’t ideal, but I thought the muted tones worked well for this shot. The first vlog of our adventures is now available, use the link in the bio to check it out!☝️