There is a lot of truth to this #Repost @terryderon with A lot of the things that I talk about on my page that make men cheat and/or fall out of love can be summed up with this post. A major part of the allure of cheating for men is the feeling he gets by interacting with a woman that picks up on his positive features. Trust me ladies, other women can tell when u have a man that’s intelligent, interesting, and fun to be around. The women he works with can see his work ethic and recognize his intelligence. Women that always highlight and announce the things she disagrees with or dislikes about her man rarely spend as much time telling him about the positive parts of his character or the things that attracts her to him. Yall will be surprised to know how important little stuff like that is. A sure way to lose your man is to allow another woman to become the source of his happiness. So even though nothing can completely prevent a man from cheating there are lots of things that a woman can do that decrease his desire to cheat! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! ↗️ Turn on your post notifications!! Tag someone that would like my page or the things I talk about! #terryderon #relationshipproblems #relationshipadvice #lovelife #dating #relationships #message #nolie #wordstoliveby #truestory #trust #respect #realtalk #imjustsaying #facts #truelove #accurate #reallytho #truthbetold #loyalty #straightup #factsonly #worstfeeling #lonely #trustissues #breakups

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Please keep me anonymous, I met dis guy around Feb, it was my step brother's wedding the next day and he came over to the house with my brother before my brothers all left to the hotel with him..The next day at the party he got my number and we started talking since then till around April when we started going out officially but didn't tell my brothers about it, although they suspected.. Was so skeptical about dating him at first because his English was bad but not extremely bad( like 70%) okay. This is the first guy av really connected with especially in terms of communication, he his cool , like Wat a woman would pray for. Some days back, he raped me( never saw that coming because I felt he was perfect) I was decently dressed and till now I just can't place it how this happened to me, more like a scary movie.. Everyone has been calling to beg on his behalf but he never told them exactly wat he did, there is no one to talk to because the blame ends up coming back to the lady when she tells the society she was raped(most people don't just believe us)..I just keep crying, coupled with sleepless nyt because I still can't believe dis happened to me.. I broke up with him already but I just don't know if am doing the ryt thing because when it comes to connecting in a relationship, I find it very difficult but I did with him.. Pls , am in dear need of ur advice..Please. Cc: @break_or_makeup

Good day RAL, am a fav follower of your site, read a lot but I don't know I would be posting mine now pls hide my identity please. So I met my baby on Instagram last year through DM messages, he is not based in Nigeria at all but he comes home 3times a year, so I fell so deeply in love with him which I believe he is too, but Ral am having serious doubt on where this relationship is heading to, he has serious attitude issue which I simply don't like, OK now he came into the country last month, For the fasting period and I didn't see him for like some days we had to schedule some meetings becos he was fasting and all but I was so understanding about all so the issue his he travelled for a wedding outside the country, and have not spoken to him on phone no video calls, no calls even tho I tried to reach out he is always giving the excuse of him being around people and can't talk, ral this is not d first time he would travel and we won't stay connected we are always with each other the video calls is always non stop I dnt get it y dis particular trip.I swear am scared to shit, I don't want my instinct to be right about him, chai ral my doubt might be right I feel so depressed and emotional, ral you won't believed have not spoken to him for two days and he is not bothered at all to call or send a text. Ralites please I need your help will be in d comment section what do I do please I feel he is not proud of me becos am young I dunno diff thought are just popping up in my head please help me Cc: @break_or_makeup