I AM the love story of my life! I always listen to the music I love. I always eat the food I love. I always dance the dance I love. I am always aiming for what I love to be. Life is always giving what I didn’t know I loved. And thoughts and self talk are no different. We sometimes think we can’t fall in love with ourselves in the same way as we can another, but we can. We can fall deeply in love with our selves. I mean deeply. A love that doesn’t get closer. I cannot be closer to this. I cannot do anything to remove myself from it. I can only temporarily think and therefore act in self deprecating ways. But once this set point of self love is seen (which is always there to begin with) then I can notice easier when I am not thinking or self talking in my highest capacity. This is some Rumi level shit. Now that guy was IN LOVE!!! And I feel like I might see 1% of what he knows. I would love to find out more. I just love it. But it’s not my love. It’s given from nowhere to no one. Love looks like me to itself. There’s no space between itself for me to exist. But here I am still, to witness the universe sing to itself......So I invite you to ask yourself, can you love your hobbies a little bit more? Can you look deeper into where your own passion arises? Notice where your love and the object of love meet — where they collapse. In that space you overflow. ❤️ ✨❤️ #love #selflove #nofilter #sunset #colorado #boulder #rockymountains #spirituality #meditation #nonduality #awakening

Hiking Hyperlapse ________________________ #TeddyKwok @travelalberta @canada

I still cannot get over the beauty of this place. I’m thankful to have family here that has shown me one of nature’s most beautiful places #lakelouise #banff #banffnationalpark #7000ft #rockymountains #canada #worththehike #notsorryforthespam #vacaymode #relaxation

ADMIRE // Could this photo by @dukemoose be any more stunning? 😍 No, no it couldn’t! // #rockymountainbride #repost

Cliff-edge walkway + one of the most unique ecosystems ☁️ 🌳 🐿 ☀️ ⛰ 🦅 (swipe) in the world. #glacierskywalk #skywalk #jasper #alberta #canada

Is my home real or am I just Rocky Mountain high