“Don’t count the reps, make every rep count.” - A rather timeless cliché that has universal significance to any gym junkie or fresh-faced fitness enthusiasts irrespective of their individual goals. Anyone who has followed by content for long enough will know that I emphasise the notion that increasing total training volume over time is the underlying drive behind muscle hypertrophy. Progressive overload is key and often the simplest way to do this is by increasing the loads lifted (increasing intensity). - However, there is often an alluring temptation to get so fixated on increasing intensity that we forego performing each rep with great form and technique. By focusing so heavily on the quantitative we are losing sight of the qualitative factors which will produce outstanding results. I think that it’s important to track your workouts to ensure you are progressively overloading and making improvements but if the execution of these exercises is sub-par you would be naïve to assume that the numbers you are pencilling in have any legitimacy. - Of course, at some point your form will deteriorate towards the back-end of a challenging set, but that doesn’t mean it should be poor from the outset. The focus you have whilst performing each set is important if you want to maximise your results. I know from personal experience that I made significant improvements to the development of my legs once I started giving a little more respect to an exercise like Leg Extensions and executing each rep with purpose and intent. Next time you’re at the gym take a moment to objectively assess your execution of each exercise and determine whether you’re focused on the task at hand and lifting with proficiency or whether you’re simply going through the motions and counting questionable reps. - Signature Squat Shorts and Performance T-Shirt from @musclenationofficial ✅Use Code: ROBBIE10 for 10% OFF when you order online from m u s c l e n a t i o n . o r g

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Client update... 🔥🔥🔥 Trascorsi quasi 6 mesi ad oggi, Michele si allenava senza seguire un programma adatto alle proprie esigenze, ovvero come la maggior parte della gente amatoriale. Dopo pochi mesi ha iniziatoa vedere il suo corpo cambiare, da li ha deciso di prolungare il suo percorso dal semestrale all'annuale, ed oltre a questo, preferisce nonostante la distanza, una volta al mese fare check di persona e allenamento in modo da rivedere la tecnica carichi e quant'altro, cosa direi intelligente ma che molti prendono con estrema leggerezza allenandosi alla catzum... Nonostante non abbia più ne 20 anni ne 30, e nonostante abbia una famiglia lavoro e quant'altro riesce a ricavarsi il tempo per allenarsi 4 volte a settimana e seguire un alimentazione sana, senza far di testa sua e senza ogni giorno scrivermi per cambiare qualcosa al piano, esegue, stop! Poche storie, tanti fatti! Partito da 78 kg circa, oggi 70.5 kg, e come al solito, la bilancia "muta"! Work in progress 💪 #TEAMBULL 🐃 Coaching on-line 📩 Live coaching 💪 Personal trainer💪 Preparatore atletico 🏋 Piani alimentari ed integrazione in collaborazione con dietista Dott. Mattia Zambano 🍗 #Coachingonline #preparatoatletico #aesthetics #gymlife #lifestyle #workinprogress #fitnessmodel #motivation #gym #musclemodel #inspiration #muscles #instatag #nopainnogain #bodybuilding #personaltrainer #milano #diet #workout #online #like4like #trasformazione #workinprogress #body #bodybulider #instagood #likeforfollow

@jakehhamaker • • • • • Abs...I get many people that ask me how to get them. The truth is that they're achieved through diet and of course, genetics. For some they come easier than others but you don't need to do 1,000 sit ups every day to get a chiseled mid section. Train with the highest intensity and you'll get good contractions every time you exhale. Focus on them once a week toward the end of your exercise routine. I can't stress this enough though... diet, diet, DIET! Train all you like. If your diet is crap you won't be seeing any detail down there. Get your food intake on point and things will begin to fall into place! ☇👌☇ #aesthetics #physicalluxury #fitnessgoals #bodybuilderlifestyle #bodybuilder #musclemodel #pumpingiron #shredded #instagrambodybuilding