Walking into a new year of happiness, love, fun and joy 💙 27+10 years today. The best is yet to come! 😁 . . #37 #birthday #me Pic taken @ #majorelle #garden #marrakech #tb

Morocco is known for its desert regions and Mediterranean beauty few know that the country is perfectly situated between 2 water bodies. #moroccotravel #travelquotes #africatourism #morocco #moroccotourism #moroccotrip #instatravel #instaquotes #travelfacts #traveljunkie

So excited to have the world renowned floral designer @tulipinadesign a partner in Marrakech for our Destination Wedding Design Masterclass! Won’t you join us? Hurry and sign up, space is limited! #Repost @tulipinadesign ・・・ Join me in October in Morocco - the land of roses and color - where I’ll be teaching at the inaugural Destination Wedding Design Masterclass - in conjunction with @bybrucerussell @catherinemead and @joyproctor at the amazing @royalmansour. For more details see the link in my profile. See you in Marrakech! #tulipina #destinationmasterclass #tulipinaworkshop

Good morning, lil' smurfs! 👋 That building behind me in the picture is the Koutubia Mosque 🕌, the tallest building in Marrakech and the meeting point for the locals in the heart of the city 👫. It was built during the XIIth century by the Almohad dynasty and its name comes from the Arabic word for “bookseller” 📚, because it was common to sell manuscripts and books nearby. Cool, right? 🧐 I guess you'd rather spend your Monday reading a book under the shadow of a palm tree.. 🌴 BUT, since you have to go to school/work, I'll do that for you 💤 Hope you have a nice day! 😘

Camel life. 🐪 🐪 🐪 Take me back to when the biggest life stress was trying to make it to our camel before sunset.

Hiding in Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco.

#TBT to my biggest travel adventure yet 🌍✨ Wandering through alleyways and souks, where the air is swollen with spices and rich, mouth-watering tagines. Having an intricate maze of Henna painted into my hands. Watching goats defy gravity. Riding camels through the Sahara as the sun slowly creeps up over the dunes. Smoking sheesha and falling asleep under the stars. Feeling a world away. #IntrepidIndex #competition #takemetothegalapagos @intrepidtravel #morocco #moroccotravel

💐Bagi pasangan yg sudah lama menikah dan belum juga dapet momongan 😂 udah kemana" dan keluarin uang banyak tp hasil nol, yukk segera buruan konsulkan kehamilan anda dan keluhan lainnya.💞 Silahkan hubungi: BBM: E336CB80 WA/Sms : 089685441719