I’m about to finish Beachbody’s 60 day program, #hammerandchisel and I just have to say it’s been an amazing program! After I was cleared to work out at 6 weeks pp, I started slow with 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme (modifying even those workouts, especially the ab exercises bc of my diastasis recti (ab separation from pregnancy). Eventually, I started to get bored but because I have beachbody on-demand, I was able to get started with the program right away! I’m thankful I’ve had time to do these workouts as I’m feeling so good and can see the results! It takes dedication but it pays off in the end. #thankful #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #mombod #decidecommitsucceed #beachbodyworks

Transforming to a healthy lifestyle was not an option for me but a nessecity. . . Why? . . In December 2017 some simple routine blood work revealed my deepest fears. At 32, I was rapidly approaching a diabetes diagnosis plus a daily dose of cholesterol medication and the list continued. At 32!? . . And guess what?! Even though I was thinner (I hate it word "skinny") I was NOT healthy! I was the farthest from healthy! And the blood work was the writing on the wall. I was not living a lifestyle that was going to allow me to live my best life. I was not living a lifestyle that promised me year after year with my babies watching them grow. And I want nothing more than to be here for as long as possible being the best I can be. . . So for me, making this change was crisis driven. It took me 2 months to come to the realization I was in CRISIS and NEEDED to change for my health. And 4 months later I've gained so much more than I ever imagined. Confidence. Courage. Strength. Patience. . . Now I cannot wait to help you! I'm officially helping women with their health & fitness goals as a Coach. So if you want to make a change or if you need to, let's talk. I can support you, motivate you and most importantly walk right beside you loving you on this journey. You are worth it ❤ . . . #fitmom #mombod #healthylifestyle #fitfam #fitish #cantstopwontstop #myjourneyday123 #momoftwo #girlmom #boymom #homegrown #crazychickenlady #eatwhatyougrow #youareworthit #doitforyou #coachlife

It’s THURSDAY ya’ll and this mama is FINALLY back on a schedule after traveling and being gone for an entire week. I enjoyed every ounce of family time and unplugging but once I got home yesterday I knew I had to jump RIGHT back in! . So this morning I got my sweat on for 25 minutes and took time for ME. It may have taken me longer with having to pause for dirty diapers, crying, and my two ya old wanting snacks on snacks BUT it’s done. No excuses for this mama . I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month and my ladies in my June bootcamp have been CRUSHING it since DAY 1! Enrollment for my July bootcamp is opening soon, so if you’re looking for a fresh start, and have been WANTING to make that change for awhile, let’s do THIS together 💞 I’m only a click away! . #takebackpostpartum #momcommunity #militarywomen #mombod #strongbodystrongmind #fitandhealthy #milso #babyweight #marinewife #twoundertwo

You know. . I still remember beginning this journey saying over and over to myself .... . I'll never ACTUALLY lose the baby weight. . I'll never be able to keep a healthy routine up for the rest of my life. . I'll never get to wear those cute outfits I used to wear before I had kids. . I'll never again feel confident in my body. . And after going no where I had a mentor of mine recommend that I simply repeating those things BUT only after removing the word "never" .... . And you know what... . I started to feel hopeful because what I was saying out loud every day was starting to become POSITIVE and empowering affirmations and reminders of what I WAS truly capable of doing and becoming in my life. . You guys!!! . After making this little shift - I was able to lose 40+ POUNDS in 90 DAYS. (3 pregnancies later Im now in the best shape ever, HEALTHY) . I was able to take on a healthy diet that left me feeling energized, fulfilled and eager to LIVE life to the fullest. . And I've never felt better in my body AND mind than I do today. . Can you relate ? . Make that shift in the words YOU repeat to yourself each day and watch as your entire WORLD starts to shift in your favor.

If I can do it so can you! 💪🏾 I’m not where I wanna be but I’m on a mission and I’m NOT where I used to be 💯 #facts #moveforward #dontlookback #setgoals #crushem #weightloss #weightlossjourney

I wish I was on the boat today instead of eyeballs deep in moving boxes. 🚛 #movingsucks I'm going to spend the day packing (slowly) and dreaming about when I can get back to the water, please and thank you. 🚤 . . . . . #tbt #throwbackthursday #mombod #mamaneedsavacation #lake #lakelife #onaboat #lakestclair #movingistheworst #packing #daydreaming #vacay #takemeaway #wheretonext #toes #toesinthesand #somewhereonabeach #wanderlust #travelbug #adultingishard #adulting #thursday #thursdaythoughts

| because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her |

Remember your WHY. Don’t use your kids as an excuse to not do something, let them give you reasons to push even harder. Show them what is possible if they work hard. Now is when they are dreaming more than ever. What lifestyle are you showing them? Saying things like “we can’t afford that” or “I don’t have time to do that” or even “I feel fat” is more damaging to them then you would think. If you want them to grow up with ambition, to be healthy, and to dream big, it starts with YOU. You need to be a direct reflection of what you want your child to grow up to be. Your past does not determine your future. Breaking the cycle can start with YOU! It all starts with a decision. Nothing is more powerful than a made up mind. I am going all the way to the top of my company, I am going to make millions for my family. I will never give up. I will show my family love, teach them hard work, and show them how to dream bigger. #joinmytribe #yourfitsquad #motivation #MilitarySpouse #Herbalife #Momlife #health #fitness #fit #nutrition #MILSO #instahealth #gym #cleaneating #active #determination #boymom #mompenuer #mombod #weightloss #girlswholift #results #bodybuilding #exercise #eatclean #fitspo #Weightlosstransformation #airforcespouse #parenthood

Free as a 🦅

Did I post this picture because my butt looks good in it? Damn straight. Momma has been workin' hard, y'all! 🍑 #mombod #bodypositivity #bootybootybooty #legslegslegs #armsarmsarms

Indy, I’m coming for you! . Hard to say goodbye to the kiddos for a couple days, but I’m ready to learn and grow as a coach and leader! 🤓 . . .

Some back and a littttle bit of chest from last nights session - Starting with pull ups! As always...still progressing every workout. These pull ups are definitely a lot harder (for me) vs an inside (closer) grip. When you do an inside grip pull up, you work more of your biceps anyway - which is why I do this on arm day! Wide grip pull ups are HARD! - Here’s the workout! - 1️⃣ Wide Grip Pull Ups - 4 x 5-6. I did 5 reps on this set (which was my 3rd set), with a 10 second hold at the top for my 6th rep 2️⃣ Low Row on Cables! 4 x 12. Superset w/ Push-ups. 4 x 15 3️⃣ Dumbbell Row on Incline Bench. 4 x 10. Superset w/ Chest Press. 4 x 10! - Hope you guys enjoyed! 💪🏻 Have an AMAZING Thursday! ❤️

Soooo I jumped on that #keto train May 11th after realizing how much of that stored winter chubb was not falling off. I've lost 18 lbs of fat with a high fat, high protein, no sugar, low to no carb, limited dairy, pescetarian diet and gained 3 lbs of muscle so far with the help of @fitness.evolutionrr. I'm feeling great! Some people have asked, "what are you eating then?" "are you starving yourself?" Here is a sample of what I eat on the daily. Delicious, healthy, and filling! You don't need grains, rice, corn, wheat, dairy products to fill you up and fuel your body 💪🏼 • • • #fitness #fitfam #health #healing #wellness #wellbeing #homemade #veglife #vegketo #pescetarian #paleo #mediterranean #yummo #clefoodies #thisiscle #Cleveland #ketolife #instafood #holistic #gains #therapeutic #massagetherapist #love #selfcare #treatyoself #mombod

🌞After many hours of traveling I have landed in Indianapolis! . 🌞On my connecting flight I was seated next to a man and his dog. Needless to say I have a new best friend. . 🌞So excited for this whirlwind of activities the next three days! Meeting other women on my team, working out with Shaun T, workshops, celebrations, and more!