X: "Have you ever liked someone so much that you just stand there and drool like an idiot?" Me: *Shane mccutcheon comes at mind* You can tell, girl 💘💘 💕 #katherinemoennig #shanemccutcheon #lword #lesbian #lesbiancouple #carmendelapicmorales #sarahshahi #shanexcarmen #shaneandcarmen #lgbt #90s #love #hot #masculine #f4f #l4l

A newly discovered area: Holland Park. This month I will put the focus on West London and find places for the perfect shot 🎞 @pallguz_lifestyle

Gorgeous afternoon in south Michigan to have a table outside, under a huge maple tree 🙂

✨NEW IN FILM: Narrative and Aesthetic Tensions in Eliza Hittman’s Beach Rats✨ • • “Throughout the film, Frankie’s queer and straight-appearing worlds skirt past each other in a manner that is both relatable and tense. This is most evident in the case of his computer, the portal through which he meets men online, which continually flashes images of both fireworks, under which he met Simone, and ocean waves, the background music to his casual queer hook-ups. At times this close proximity is by his own design, as when he cautiously asks Simone if she’s ever made out with another woman. Women kissing women, she explains, is “hot,” while men kissing men is “just gay.” This example works to highlight how even oppressed people, such as women like Simone, can at times side with the oppressor (i.e., cisgender, or cishet culture). As the film progresses, the boundaries between these two worlds grow more and more muddled...” read more #linkinbio ✨By: Alison McPherson ✨ @shoegays

A lovely before and after of my lovely class mate @mua.kenyagarcia . The masculinity part of my schooling was so much fun. Can't wait to do it again. . . . . . . . . . #masculine #masculinity #dragking #fun #newimagecollege #vancouver

R e l a x —— @cy.gavin⠀