Oh how I LUV a sunny day... Enjoy this Beautiful day on PURPOSE!!! Be Well, Be Kind, Be Productive and most of Be YOU! Xoxo

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Last post of the day. Let me send some love to @tomilahren . stupendous Tomi , a woman the way all real women should be , posted a photo with her proud awesome dad . @donaldjtrumpjr earlier posted photos with his children , a proud dad. The revolting , most deplorable liberal trolls gave her , or tried to give her a hard time , as predicted . these pathetic excuses for human beings, whom i am ashamed of sharing being the same species with , have no God. They don't believe in families , family unit. They won't allow family values being celebrated. They are angrier than ever . they are because they can see that our awesome President is doing a fantastic job . they are angry because black and gay people finally woke up to their lies and realize that they have been exploited , milked for votes like the proverbial cows. The liberals know they lost, and like bad losers , like the children they all are, they start throwing fits . Tomi is like a lioness in that comment box, she was having none of it . the lady is the OG, no doubt . i fought in three wars, i unlike these cowards who never served hiding behind the "i am a pacifist " excuse , i know a soldier when i see one . Tomi is a soldier. But these trolls, see , they are cowards, only good at comment box fights. they are children of lesser gods . weak , pathetic , of low intelligence , and they must be pitied . i say to Tomi what i said to Donald Jr. Do not respond, keep it classy . nothing kills these sad little people like not getting the attention they all so desperately crave. lastly, they even criticised Tomi for wearing ripped jeans. The ones who have no morals , the whores-in-chief are telling her off for wearing ripped jeans you hear me? Well, i happen to think she looks mighty sexy 🔥😍😉 The one thing these masculine , butt ugly feminists can never be . and the reason why they all resent Tomi, women like her, and us men, for never giving them as much as a furtive glance 😉. The Guru loves you all. Especially Tami Lahren. God bless you , my treasures. G over and out 👋🏻🌜🌛🌙🙏😴🌹❤