One trail in particular we visited last week boasted the most bumblebees I’d ever seen on a single hike! That morning left me feeling inspired to create something new! With all those bees buzzing in the back of my brain I decided to make a little bumble-buddy of my own 🐝 Needle felting the body of this little fella was so much fun but I did struggle with figuring out a method of making wings that achieved what I had in mind. It took several failed attempts before coming up with something I was pleased with. Fortunately, out of all my various attempts, this wing making process ended up being the easiest. If you’d like to know how to make some wings of your own you can swipe to watch the video tutorial of how I made these wings. All you need to do is draw out your wings as a guide to form some wire around, then sandwhich the wire between two pieces of packaging tape! I hope it’s not too confusing, feel free to ask me for any clarification if you need it!