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Me myself and I beginning my 29th year of life.

Loving my shirt today! I forgot I had this one! 😍 #lifeislove

Be blessed my loves!!! #LifeIsLove

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"On November 12,2017 my baby girl, Arya, was born silently into the world. She was absolutely perfect. Arya suffered from a fatal defect called anencephaly. ⠀ When her condition was confirmed at 13 weeks, we were told termination was our best option. In the words of the doctor we saw, Arya would be gruesome to look at and she was incompatible with life. At that time, I was working for a life affirming organization and had never thought in a million years I would be told to terminate my child, but here I was in that place. ⠀ In that appointment, it was drilled into my head all of the reasons that I should end my pregnancy and not give her the chance to live. I stood my ground and said no! My choice is life. ⠀ I won’t lie. At that point I started to feel alone in my decision, and wondered if I was doing the right thing because of all the pressure I had to abort. Thankfully I had my amazing coworkers, family, and an amazing ministry who stood behind me and helped to celebrate my girl. ⠀ When I first told my son about his sisters condition he was so upset, but eventually he understood and had peace in knowing she would be with the Lord. Throughout my pregnancy Arya continued to fight and was so strong. I would lay in bed and tell her how much she was loved and wanted. I would pray over her and just ask God to please allow me more time with my little one. Then at 27 weeks, I stopped feeling her move. I went to the hospital just to make sure she was okay but they told me she no longer had a heartbeat. ⠀ I was devastated, but thankful God had given me that long to bond with her. Her delivery was so peaceful and I got to spend three days in the hospital with her thanks to the cuddle cot. I was able to be a mama to her in the ways I knew how, even though she had went to be with God. I don’t regret my decision for life. I was able to show my daughter unconditional love and to show my son that all life is important no matter the diagnosis. I hope Arya’s story can help someone else facing this heartbreaking time to know they aren’t alone and that choosing life leaves no regret." - Brittany #standforlife

Сегодня попрощаетесь со школой, Шагнув на встречу жизни новой. Пусть воплотятся ваши планы- Мы так хотим гордиться вами. Желаем Вам не ошибиться И к цели выбранной стремиться, Хотя и грустно нам чуть-чуть... Сегодня скажем :"В Добрый путь!!!"🤗💖 #слюбовью