LUCKY ??? 🤔 - - It’s fair to say that I do enjoy shooting in misty/foggy conditions & in fact I’m always looking for indicators for where the next potential mist and or fog may appear. So it’s not pure luck that I manage to capture a lot of images in these conditions and more the fact that I am patient and wait for them. I have a love also for long exposure images, woodland, BnW, fine art and architectural which gives me plenty of room for being creative when conditions aren’t suitable for what I want. At the end of the day the more you put into it, the greater the reward. Now and again we get lucky and in fact Luck along with Location and Light are just 3 things that make a great image. Very rare that you get all 3 mind 😉 but persistence really does pay off in the end. Lastly, for me anyway, I’m never content I’m always looking to improve myself. My processing is a weak area for me so I research techniques, I practice them if I fail I try again. I don’t get put off in fact it spurs me on to try try again. #lucky #persistence #mist #fog #light #landscape #landscape_captures #landscapephotography #location #nature #dorset #nevergiveup

Struggling in the market, looking some kitchen herbs also happiness in same time, can we make it? Of course. I cannot forgot how the slime splashed. Well done, make my day out of clothing

Sometimes all I need is silence and beautiful place like this 🦆

Les sables dolonne 22h