Grave of Shaw Mor, Rothiemurchus Kirk. "Clan Shaw stem from Shaw Mor MacGhillechrist MhicIain. Also known as Sgor-fhiacaill or ‘Buck-tooth’, Shaw was raised with his chiefly cousins at the Mackintosh seat at Moigh. During Shaw's youth, the encroaching power of the Clan Cameron was felt when they took the Mackintosh lands of Torcastle by the sword. This long feud resulted in the seesaw skirmish and eventual Mackintosh victory at Invernahavon, which Shaw and his father Ghillechrist would have taken part. Shaw was elected Captain of Clan Chattan in the legendary Raid of Angus in 1391. Led by the Wolf of Badenoch, Shaw and Clan Chattan joined an army of rowdy Highlandmen who descended from the Cairngorm Mountains to raid, loot and plunder the fertile plains of Angus. Just for fun, to make a point on a long-simmering side-feud (over a woman) with the Bishop of Moray, they also took a swipe at the town of Elgin, putting the Cathedral to the torch on their way home! This wild raiding party routed the forces of the Sheriff of Angus and David Lindsay of Glenesk. Despite the earlier Mackintosh victory at Invernahavon, the long-standing feud with the tribes of Clan Cameron continued. This feud so threatened the fragile stability of the Highlands that the Earl of Moray and Lindsay of Glenesk decreed that a trial by combat settle the matter. On behalf of the Chief of Mackintosh, Shaw again led Clan Chattan in the Battle of the Clans on 28, September 1396 at the North Inch near Perth. Shaw and his 29 warriors battled 30 Camerons in front of wooden bleachers packed with local citizenry, Scottish nobility, King Robert III and even the Dauphin of France. When the slaughter was over, Shaw and 10 of his men stood over 29 slain Camerons. As a reward for his courage, leadership and fighting abilities, his grateful cousin and Chief, Lachlan Mackintosh gave Shaw the lease of the lands of Rothiemurchus. Our main tribal seat was at the ancient and strategic timber hill fort at the Doune. Shaw died approx. ten years later and was succeeded by his son Seumas, or James. " ~ William Shaw of Easter Lair, Seannachaidh. #clanshaw #fearantaighe #scotland #history #highlands #hiddenscotland

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Who’s experienced the phenomenal ‘Wars of the Roses’ 🌹 show at @warwickcastleofficial this year? It’s an incredible spectacle and we love heading up to Warwick to enjoy the show! #merlinannualpass #jousting #daysout #castle #culturalappreciation #history #familydays

It's hard to imagine why anyone would want to destroy a part of history, but Exeter was a target in the second world war. It took a direct hit in the chapel of St James which demolished it. Today, it stands tall and proud. On-going maintenance keeps Exeter Cathedral looking its best, by hard-working and dedicated staff. When you're next in Exeter, be sure to go and see the Cathedral, have lunch on the green and explore its stunning interior. . . . #Exeter #Cathedral #History #StJames #StMary #MedievalVaultedCeiling #Beauty #CityOfExeter #SecondWorldWar #Norman #Gothic #AngloSaxon . . . @exetercathedral @in_exeter @visitexeter