Happy Saturday y’all! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! May you keep your heels, head and standards high! xoxoxo

Week 1 of deload and anti-inflammatory diet down. Energy ⬆️ Cardio ⬇️ Intensity ⬇️ Macros ✔️ Inflammation ⬇️ Bodyfat ↘️ When I started this a week ago I only planned on doing this a week. Since my energy is increasing in my bodyfat is going down I am going to continue this for a few more weeks or until I feel 💯myself again. Curious to see where this takes me. In an anti-inflammatory diet what I am doing is increasing foods that decrease inflammation like bone broth, avacado, fish, lemons, more fruits and veggies. I am eliminating anything processed or any flour. That means no cheat meals for a while until its oatmeal with a ton of maple syrup, sushi or a burger 😋. Also on an anti-inflammatory diet it usually is carbs ⬇️ fats ⬆️. Lots of white rice, also limiting the potatoes for now since they are a nightshade and *can* cause inflammation. #eatclean #strongmindstrongbody #healthfirst #mindsetiseverything #antiinflammatorydiet