#TowdahTuesdays 💫 Be the preacher of Love in your inner circles, schools, workplaces and communities. Don’t let your surroundings intimidate and limit you from preaching and speaking the truth about the LOVE of God! Every moment and opportunity COUNTS! It’s all about that ONE message from God that can be used to shift a person's life or reach billions of people. Be the one to help more people gain knowledge of what the great and immeasurable love of God is all about. #preaching #loveofGod #Godisnotdead #love #Godislove #preachingthegospel #towdahtuesday #whatislove #thegospel #loveistheway #poweroflove

As we know from reading the last book in the bible, Revelation, and news around the world, the end of all things is right here. Jesus is coming back for the 2nd time to save His people. But do not be deceived by miracles. God is able to do miracles but we know that the enemy too can perform miracles and will do it as told in Revelation. He will deceive many by miracles. We need to know God through His word and by experiencing Him in our lives. Otherwise we will not be able to distinguish the 2 powers. Keep praying! Jesus is Lord! 👑♥️🕊

Praying works. 👑♥️🕊

Have a blessed morning in Christ Jesus my brothers and sisters in Christ

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