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So, shall we cross the ocean if we might find the windows to the world? #discoveryourself #discover #ocean #bnw_maniac #bnwphotography #bnw

One man, a taxi driver in Vieques, told us that Puerto Rico needed America, or else it would be just like all the other Caribbean islands. He spoke with a heavy Texas accent- he'd gone to school in the longhorn state and lived there for most of his life. His family came from Vieques and he pointed out the land where his grandfather grew up as he whisked us over the lush green hills surrounding mosquito bay. He lamented his harmonica collection, which had been lost to Hurricane Maria. Perhaps they were still blowing in the wind, he mused, playing their music as they tumble through the air. A woman the very next day rolled her eyes and told us that Puerto Rico was so rich with character and that being a state would drain that character away. In a 2017 referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico, 97% of voters chose statehood over free association and current territorial status. #puertorico #unitedstates #explorepuertorico #travel #america #usa #explore #discover #vote #homeofthebrave #vetrans #conversation #landofthefree #landofthefreehomeofthebrave

Ever been to Algarve, Portugal? Its so beautiful out there.

The wonder of a child is beautiful to observe from a distance...then to join in along side them! Capturing children in their element is something I love, although it may not always be easy. I like to think I have an advantage to others though, as I never feel like I really "grew up", despite me being 6'3" ;)