The first four pages. This has been a real slow task today but it’s literally become my pride and joy. This essentially is forming a basis around the whole of my next and final year in uni. It is my blueprint . I’ve made my book but I needed something else so the British council could see my idea completely not just me reporting it. And this is it till I can do some printing . Even ordered more prints to make my own copy once this is sent (I get attached easily 🤣) Each image has a unique journey to it, replicating my walk to each of these places which is an aspect to my deadpan that I wanted to explore. Rather than just numbers, wanted to physically show it. Printing credit is for @newspaperclub . I have hijacked the front cover though. Rather than #ukinvenice I’ve gone for something more personal as this is my journey.

From There won't be any other end of the world series #zuzannaszarek

These bad boys have just arrived and I’m rather giddy to get working with them now. Thanks @newspaperclub absolutely love them that I’ve just ordered some more. Definitely recommended and will defo use again closer to my degree. Because im unable to do much development on my unseen combined images . I made the book to send to the British council but in that I’m unable to incorporate my mapping ideas ready for the deadpan approach. So I thought about how I could do this....and here we are newspapers. Going to explore this on here to also send down so at least they get to see my ideas as I see them. The art will follow in September . Let’s see where today takes me now 😊😊

Those eyes though...Feeling thoughtful and pondering life. No pout today, just a straight expression. Rather liking this face photo, especially as I have just the one chin now 😂 #greeneyes #deadpan #readmythoughts

🔸why does it hurt when I really like what I see?🔸

Today was one for the books. First industry audition. First summerworks. First 3 am uber. Feeling hella loved. 📸@emwestray #mypeople #deadpan #bestbest #cider #love #life