#tbt to the lunker @tay10rthompson_ caught back in Alabama. #skifflife #snookfishing #largemouthbass #peacockbass #cichlids #kayaking

My 4 babies #oscaralbino #communitytank #cichlids Soon to transfer on bigger tank:)

Our STENDKER Blue Diamond and SolidxSnake at doing what they do best! 💙 I'm often asked which Tropica plants were used 🌱 here's the list: - • Echinodorus 'Reni' • Hydrocotyle tripartita • Limnophila hippuridoides • Rotala macrandra • Rotala rotundifolia - For preorders, deliveries, and services to setup your perfect aquarium for our disease free fish contact: +971589672059 or visit 🇦🇪

Electric Yellow Cichlid

I figured what better post to start with than my favorite 40 Gallon Cichlid tank. I have 2 Blood Parrots in there, ones still a juvenile, while the other one roughly has a year until he gets full size. The bigger one is Tubby, I don’t have a name for the smaller one yet. I have a common Pleco (Jeff) and a Bristlenose who is unarmed. I have 4 giant danios as well and a Pink Kissing Gourami named Marvin (that I’m pretty sure is a female). The tank is a little overstocked, I am not going to have The small Blood Parrot or the Large Pleco not much longer, I am also upgrading to a 65 gallon when I feel the need to do so. #bloodparrot #cichlids #fishtank #aquarium #aquariums #pleco #bristlenose #kissinggourami

Babies Hatching Tumbler Cr. Adam C If you're interested, feel free to PM. 350THB/ ea. Not included Shipping Ship from Thailand ที่เป่าไข่ปลาหมอ ที่เป่าไข่ปลาและกุ้ง 350/ชุด ส่งฟรี EMS #cichlids #aquarium #aquatic #fishtanks #crayfish