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Spent the last couple days out of doors and am so aware that nature is medicine. Indoors this weekend, tending gently to life's cycles, I just opened a treat, and I must share. • • • Wise woman Lauren over at @wellinthewest crafted an e-book to guide us through Late Summer, and peeking at it, all of the cycles make a bit more sense. • • • I highly recommend you jump over to her page and get one for yourself. Only $8 and so rich. Let me know what you think!

Another amazing book to pick up by Anthony William! Medical Medium explores natural solutions and reveals the root causes of many diseases and conditions that plague us each and everyday. Take time to read this if you need some refreshing insights into ailments and issues you just can't seem to shake 📖🙏😄

#gotukola came to me in a dream a few days ago so now I’m drinking the tea as I study (while taking super long breaks 😅) #study #chinesemedicine #acupuncture

i was first introduced to schisandra quite awhile ago from my mom from the east, kim, a chinese medicine woman. just recently i was inspired through a post by herbalist @rosaleedelaforet to work with her once again, but this time around as an herbal infusion. . a perfect way to culminate the day helping a friend sell raw honey @eastonfarmersmarket . . we are so thankful for all these connections and concoctions + feeling really blessed to know such wise folks and learn their ways of working with nature! 🙏 . here’s rosalee’s recipe + you can find the berries @mountainroseherbs . “1 tablespoon dried schisandra berries infused into a quart of cold water, steeped overnight in the fridge. The next day I strain it and store it in the fridge (you can eat the hydrated berries). It’ll probably stay fresh for a couple of days.” . #herballiving #schisandra #herbalinfusions #adaptogenherbs #fiveflavor #chinesemedicine #organic #plantmedicine #earthsolhealing

As you can see there was quite a bit of it. Removal took more than thirty minutes and I managed to get stung 10 times. So it was a bit of an even trade off. I can now use fengfang to take away the itchiness of my stings. 😁 #fengfang, #chinesemedicine, #rasashastra, #ayurveda, #alchemy

Fengfang once prepared has excellent anti visha properties, so can literally be applied externally or taken internally for venomous stings and bites, it also relieves swollen gums, itching, swellings and high tempreture. Fengfang is usually prepared by grinding the woody pulp of the nest with rice wine vinegar and heated at high tempretures, possibly requiring two cooks at 800c. The end result is a fine reddish powder, without taste and cooling on the tongue. #fengfang, #ayurveda, #chinesemedicine, #rasashastra, #alchemy

Esto es lo que mis hijos ven tan pronto entran a la cocina y ellos saben que es lo que primero podran comer antes de una galleta, otras opciones son lo que este en temporada, para nosotros ahora es el melon, piña, las fresas, mandarinas, manzanas, estas frutas yo se las pico o corto en rebanadas y las pongo en un plato o bandeja, esto lo hago tan pronto llegan de la escuela en semana y todo el dia los fines de semana. Practiquenlo. * This is what my kids see as soon as they enter the kitchen and they know the rule is, they have to eat some fruit before any other snack like cookies or unnutritious foods, other options are anything in season, right now for us is watermelon, melons, pineapples, strawberries, apples, I cut them in small pieces or slices and serve them in plates or trays, It is ready when they get home from school on weekdays and all day on weekends. Lets put it in practice. * * #comidaessalud #niñossanos #healthykids #niñossaludables #portsaintlucie #stlucie #tcm #naturalmedicine #chinesemedicine #goodhealth #tcm #acupuntura #acupuncture #vidasana #prolonglife #bodytreatment #healthyhabits #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #health #stlucieacupuncture