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Buenos días viernes con ¡¡NUEVO VÍDEOOO!! Lo estabáis esperando y no sabéis lo que me apetecía hacerlo (aunque haya tardado un poco... 🙊). Review + look de la paleta "Blood Sugar" de @jeffreestarcosmetics!! 💉🚑 (Link directo al canal en mi perfil 👆) #goodmorning #happyday #friday #newvideo #youtube #channel #bylaumk #videodeviernes #reviewlook #bloodsugar #eyeshadowpalette #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestar #makeup #cosmetics #pressplay #enjoy

Happy Friday! 🎉💓last photo is just to show off these bomb asf lashes 🤩

Sorry for being so inactive lately! Last few days of year 1 of uni and moving out were hectic! The day after I moved out however, I received the best medical device I’ve ever experienced so far! The Miao Miao sensor that sits of top of my freestyle libre has been unreal. I’m always worried about overnight lows, but now with the alarm function, I’ve managed to go overnight fully in my target range (see next picture)!!! Can’t wait to see the effect this has on my HBA1c, as it can only get better !! 🍾🍾 . . . . . . . . . #diabetic #type1diabetic #diabetes #type1strong #bloodsugar #vegetarian #freestylelibre #miaomiao #monitor #lifechanging

LADIES! . I've had a few babes reach out to me wanting someone to bounce ideas off of about life after HBC (the pill). Firstly, I feel ya. All of y'all. It is honestly like being born again and learning how to do life all over again once you come off the pill. Your body has been immensely damaged, hence why it's doing all these weird things and it needs 100% of your love and support to try to get back to some sense of equilibrium. Give it time. . The best tip I could possibly bestow upon you is this: STABILISE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR! Yes, it's incredibly frustrating not being able to just eat what you want when you want, but it isn't for forever. It's part of the healing process and you'll thank yourself for doing it in time to come. Remember, just because it's vegan don't mean you should be eating it! 🌿 . Pictured here is what I eat every day, these days; a gigantic salad. It's filled with as many things as I can get my hands on and tastes delicious. Stabilising your blood sugar involves taking a look at the energetic output required of your body and eating accordingly. If you have an active morning and are fairly sedentary for the rest of the day, get your carbs in in the morning and focus on green veggies for the rest of the day. . To those of you who are totally miserable and feel like the only solution is to go back on the pill, know that it will NEVER be a solution. It's only ever a mask and one day, when you do come off it, you'll wish you'd persisted the first time round. The more you play with fire, the more likely you are to get burned 🔥. . Taking the pill almost ruined my life in more ways than I can count, but thankfully I made the decision to quit and life is finally real again. I don't feel like a half human shrouded in fog. If you are considering quitting or have recently quit and want someone to talk to about it, please reach out. I'm here for you my loves 🧡

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Going to give up on finding the correct amound of Tresiba..It has all started with being low every morning at 4am, So I reduced my basal from 19 to 15 after I've talked to my endo nurse. But I've still been low every morning, so we reduced Tresiba from 15 to 13. And now it seems like that doesn't work either because now I'm suddenly getting high in the morning without eating anyting. In times like this diabetes just really, really sucks - I know I am complaining a lot at the moment but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess some of you know the struggle ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

Need to do another "lewk" with this bad boi ❤ I actually wanna mix and blend colors that could possibly replicate Kat's liquid lip shade in "Dammed" :) got a lot of dark reds and purple's... But overall wanna create more than just one ❤ #Bloodsugar #jeffreestarcosmetics

Welcome to this weeks episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! This week, it's all about @ketocon that Hanna attended and spoke at in Austin, TX last weekend. It was an unforgettable experience, meeting both old and new friends, sharing incredible Stories, warming hugs and creating stronger, ketolicious connections than ever. It’s at events like these you realize the immense power of the Keto & Low Carb community. We’re in it to win it and we can’t be stopped. THANK YOU to Brian, Robin @ketovangelist.robin and the entire @ketovangelist Team for putting together such an incredible and well organized event! Already excited for KetoCon 2019, there’s still so much to take in and process, impressions, people, knowledge, connections... ...but Hanna tries really hard to explain it to Bitte and calm her FOMO. Enjoy! Link in profile! 💥

My truth is, that I am not my diabetes. I am not even this body. It is simply an experience I have manifested for the physical human form called Renae to experience. But my true self is in its essence, energy. Infinite, loving, limitless energy. However, while the human form continues to to believe and be served in some way by this experience labelled type 1 diabetes it will continue to be a perceived reality. I became intrigued with this consort when I learned about multiple personalities. Where a patient had T1D as one personality, requiring medication and experienced all the symptoms and challenges of T1D but in another personality didn’t have diabetes at all. Such an intriguing concept. Love to hear your thoughts on this 💕

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Finally got my hands on the Blood Sugar palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! 😍😍 . . . • Eyeshadow: @jeffreestarcosmetics #bloodsugar colors “Glucose”, “Cake Mix”, “Cavity”, “Root Canal”, “Cherry Soda”, “Fresh Meat” and “Coma” • Brows: @benefitcosmetics #kabrow in number 4 and #gimmebrow in number 5 • Eyeliner: @nyxcosmetics matte Liquid liner in Black • Lashes: @maccosmetics number 36 . . . #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestar #pink #instabeauty #instamakeup #ilovemakeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #eotd #motd #lotd #rmua #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_muas #eyemakeup #mua #makeupartists #bbdaretoshare #makeupartistsworldwide

Anyone else a squoodle virgin? Last night was my first experience of butternut squash noodles and they were lovely. More texture then the slightly soggy courgetti that I make. Completely fine for my blood sugars. I’d only use them pre-cut as can you imagine spiralising a butternut squash? No thanks, not happening.