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Excuse me for the radio silence everyone! Together with @5gyres and the Coral Triangle Expedition I’ve been taking part in citizen science research collecting data to contribute to plastic pollution solutions- documenting micro plastics through THE MOST ECO MARINE DIVERSE locations in our wonderful oceans. The Coral Triangle definitely is not WiFi and service diverse so I’m taking this glimpse of service to share the passionate work we have been apart of here in Indonesia! More to you all soon and See you in the water! #DeepBlueLife #BeneathTheSurface #5Gyres #CoralTriangle #SeaSafariXII #EveryStepMatters #ThePowerOfChoice #StopSucking #PlasticKills #PreciousPlastic #MicroPlastic #MarinePollution #Ocean #SeaOfChange #ForTheOceans @sustainsurf @watertrek @starboardsup @5gyres @sustainablecoastlineshawaii

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Loro Parque released a video on Facebook showing how they are getting prepared for the arrival of Morgan’s offspring. Claiming how everything is under control! That gives little hope to those who know the history this place has They claim to have behaviour control to determine whether she is swimming differently and monitoring her behaviour with the other orcas. The trainers decide which tank she goes into and who her tank mate will be, It raises concern with knowing Morgan’s history with the parks orcas. These tiny barren tanks give no room for the orcas to stay clear of one another. She cannot escape individual orcas if the trainers have decided this is who she will be with. I doubt any effort is being put into making sure nothing happens to her well-being behind closed doors.. They also claimed in the past that Morgan is integrated into their orca ‘family’ group. This is not true as Morgan is attacked (raked) by the other orcas on a regular basis. Although Loro Parque will claim that is normal orca behaviour for orcas to rake each other, that there are orcas in the wild with rake marks on them, that is not the true issue. Yes, orcas in the wild do have rake marks, but only adult males are known to have extensive and prolific rake marks. This spikes concern in all of us seeing how in the past they have not lifted a finger to separate her from any form of attack! I doubt anything will change with her being pregnant. (Continued in comments below) Please don’t support Captivity! Caption: @Save.The.Voiceless

First plunge in the cold Greek waters 💦 Our faces are frozen at 17°C and I was wondering the whole time why I was told I don’t need gloves. Anyway, they say the best training is in rough conditions, so the 2 deep dives today prepared us mentally for our “Stress & Rescue” course. 💪🏻 • #girlsthatscuba #scubagirl #underwaterphotography #Underwater_world_ #getwetmakebubbles #scubadiverslife #scubaphoto #underthesea #underwaterlife #scubatrip #scubagram #scubadivingaddicts #scubajunkies #plongée #saltnimads #scuba #underwateremotions #underwaterlicious #divingpassport #seavibes #scubadiving #exploretheworld #traveljunkie #wonderlust #tauchen #diving #adventureawaits #beneaththesurface #vitaminsea #crystalclearwater

#Repost @gtavfoundation • • • • • Boys and men are also survivors of sexual abuse Amber Stevenson writes for The Tennessean.  In her article entitled : Boys and men are also survivors of sexual abuse  states: There are many myths surrounding unwanted or abusive sexual experiences of boys and men. So what are the facts? •  Girls and women can sexually abuse boys. These boys are not “lucky,” but exploited and harmed. •  If a boy liked the attention he was getting or got sexually aroused during the abuse, this does not mean he wanted or liked being manipulated or abused, or that any part of what happened was his responsibility or fault. •  Boys can be sexually abused by both straight men and gay men. Sexual abuse is the result of abusive behavior that takes advantage of a child’s vulnerability and is in no way related to the sexual orientation of the abusive person. •  Whether he is gay, straight or bisexual, a boy’s sexual orientation is neither the cause nor the result of sexual abuse. By focusing on the abusive nature of sexual abuse rather than the sexual aspects of the interaction, it becomes easier to understand that sexual abuse has nothing to do with a boy’s sexual orientation. •  Boys and men can be sexually abused and it has nothing to do with how masculine they are. •  Most boys who are sexually abused will not go on to sexually abuse others Some researches say that 1 in 6 boys and men are sexually abused,  personally I believe the figure is much higher…men just don’t report it,  the culture of support is just not .. By Dr John A. King Give Them A Voice Foundation #drjohnaking #dealwithit #resolve #beneaththesurface #breakingpoint

In March 1983, SeaWorld applied for a permit to capture 100 killer whales from Alaska and California over a 5-year period, one again showing their lack of concern for wild orca populations, conservation, and preservation. - The permit, issued on November 1st 1983, allowed up to 10 wild-caught killer whales to be kept permanently and 90 temporarily for research purposes. However SeaWorld’s permit became void after they refused to do an environmental impact report regarding the wild orcas and follow the guidelines laid out before them in the conditions of the capture permits. SeaWorld stated that it was unnecessary to do the report that was being asked of them to preform, demonstrating their lack of care and disregard for wild populations. - Caption: @cetacean.inspiration Video: SeaWorld Inc.