Я ПРОСПАЛА НА РАБОТУ 😱 Вчера. В одной штанине на правую ногу и носке на левую, я умывалась и чистила зубы одновременно 🔥 Пенка для умывания стала моим максимумом в то утро 👌🏼 Поэтому специально для таких случаев и не специально - для других, на работе я держу запас средств по уходу, которые способны сделать из меня снова человека: 💤 Мицеллярная вода @larocheposay_russia: деликатно очищает кожу после улицы, подготавливает к макияжу, и, в случае необходимости, может этот макияж смыть 💤 Термальная вода @vichyrussia - вместо тоника идёт на «ура!» 💤 Патчи на глаза Clarette: в принципе припухлость и синяки сами с перепугу убегают, пока ты носишься по квартире, но все равно в нормальное состояние кожу приводят, повышают тонус, ну, и куда без золота 🤩 💤 Сыворотка Chanel Hydra Beauty делает своё дело: увлажняет, быстро впитывается и не липнет. Для работы самое то🌟 💤 Гель для лица Аква Реотье @loccitane_ru: мне нравится этот гель, он не катается, на него хорошо ложится макияж 💤 Сыворотка и крем Lumene: на фото пробники Harmonia, использую для разнообразия: пахнет по прежнему лесом, но запах не резкий, отлично питает кожу и выравнивает тон 💤 Гель-крем для рук Вербена @loccitane_ru: никуда без ухода для рук, особенно в условиях засушливого климата офиса 😉 пахнет божественно, впитывается моментально, увлажняет отлично 👍🏻 💤 Бальзам для губ @frudia_russia: очень хорошо питает, выравнивает текстуру, даже самая сухая матовая помада больше не сухая 🍯 Вот такой вот почти парад пробников получился для Бьюти-марафона #Pudra5Years 🎉 А у вас есть запасные косметички? Делитесь своими маст-хэвами, без которых не можете обойтись 🛍

Check out this AMAZING review of our beautiful products.... ❤❤ #Repost @littlemustardhouse • • • A couple of weeks ago I received a a gift in the mail of these gorgeous products by @skincareemporium_ and to say I’m blown away by the results I’ve experienced is an absolute understatement. Guys I can’t recommend enough that you give these guys a try! I have struggled so much with my skin this year after going off the contraceptive pill in January due to extreme migraines. Since coming off the pill my skin just went absolutely haywire with deep cystic pimples constantly. As soon as one would start to clear two more were forming and then there was the red scaring that was left behind after each one started to clear up. It was such a difficult time for me. As a 36 year old woman you’d think spots were a thing of the past but no sir-e! On top of that my skin couldn’t decide if it was oily or dry and it just looked so unhealthy. I’m always so nervous about trying new products after this same battle throughout my adolescent years, but I was determined to give this range a go after reading that the entire range is made from natural ingredients (think pineapple, papaya, orange oil, lime oil and bergamot to name just a couple). Literally food for your skin, they are vegan and strictly against animal cruelty AND they are really affordable. My skin is the best it has looked in years and I’m not exaggerating, just swipe to see my super awkward up close and personal lol -> 6 peice travel packs are available for just $29.95 which are a perfect way for you to give the range a whirl to see if you love it. I’m 110% positive you will! And if you use my discount code LMH25 at checkout you’ll receive 25% off! Wishing you love and super glowy skin! -Hannah 🌸🧖🏼‍♀️

Remember the cushion mania last year? Nobody talks about them anymore. I personally love a good blush cushion, and the ones from Lancôme are amazing. They blend seamlessly and stay put till the end of the day. Also I am clearly a sucker for good packaging. Here’s the thing I realized in this four days that I’ve been taking beauty products photos: I hate product shooting. I am always pushing myself creatively, trying to do better, different. And when you decide to do five different setups in one series it makes it even harder. I have been feeling really challenged, I also realized that to keep on doing this, I would have to constantly buy new products to talk about. Most beauty instagrams that I follow post a couple of times a week, not two posts every day. And they get the majority of their products for free. I don’t. So what I am learning this week is: a) nobody needs as many products b) without PR samples you can’t run a healthy instagram c) it’s hard work when you’re consistent with the uploads.

New Post: An interview with Marcus from @razorhaus, link in bio 💫 #beauty

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Whoever said 'three's a crowd' had obviously never experienced a three way like this 🍸🔥

“It's about you. If you win, it's you; if you lose, it's you. Black and white. Nowhere to hide”. -Greg Rusedski

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