A few weeks ago, I went up to Hollywood and we walked around the shopping district outside Universal Studios. So technically I didn’t visit Harry Potter World, but I still came away with a few pieces of merch! And now I can confirm: the soap bean really does taste like soap... Have you visited The Wizarding World? Did you like it? . . ⚜️ Day 22 of #maylitwrit fantasy ⚜️ Day 22 of #fearyournovelmay magic and mayhem ⚜️ Day 22 of #ampersand2018 mystery ⚜️ Day 22 of #iamsweetmassmay favorite fictional world . . #reading #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookish #booknerd #bibliophile #bookworm #bookaddict #alwaysreading #igbooks #bookdragon #reader #booklover #bookspines #bookspine #harrypotter #bertiebotts #bertiebottsbeans #bookishmerch

Kitabı bitirdim ama yorum öncesi alıntı paylaşmak bende adettir. Yoksa yorum giremiyorum niyeyse.😅😅 . . #alıntı "Seni semizletmişler..." dedi tekrar Caraid'e dönerek. Aynı anda, sırtında hissettiği sıcaklıkla dudaklarında hafif bir gülümseme peyda oldu. "Senden başka kimse üstüne binmeyi başaramadığı için, sadece yiyor ve tüm gün miskinlik yapıyor," diyen Ärne'nin sözleriyle Caraid tekrar huysuzlandı. Genç adamın omzunu burnuyla ittikten sonra, Arunas'ın ayaklarının dibinde duran sepetin içine kafasını gömdüğünde, Arunas onun yelelerini okşadı ve Ärne ile birlikte Tyree'nin yanına yürümeye başladılar. "Onu arada sırada dışarı çıkartabilirsem, binip gezmesini..." "Çok fazla semirirse kesip yiyebiliriz. Karnın bu kadar büyümüşken tabii ki bunu yapmayacaksın." Arunas'ın kalkan kaşları sözlere dökülmedi. Ärne'nin haklı olduğunu biliyordu. "Senin de semirdiğini görüyorum," derken hızlı adımlarla kaleye yürüyüşe geçtiğinde Ärne, Caraid'in yularını tekrar eline almış Tyree'nin sesini duydu; "Okunu ve yayını da getirmediğim için kendini şanslı hissediyor musun?" "Kapa çeneni..." . . #bookstagram #bookish #yabooks #reading #öyküodabaş #goodreads #ilovebooks #totalbooknerd #bookwithme #keltler #bookworms #bookphoto #greatreads #alwaysreading #gitanekitap

“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.” -Agatha Christie What are some of your favorite mysteries? 🔎 #Ampersand2018: Mystery

Happy Release Day @penelopewardauthor & @vi_keeland !!! Rebel Heart, book 2 in the Rush Series Duet, is LIVE NOW! ✦✦✦✦✦ Rush and Gia’s story continues in the gripping conclusion to Rebel Heir… How to screw up a great summer in the Hamptons: Sleep with your boss. Check. Blow all your money on a rental you can’t afford. Check. How to walk away from a man you fall in love with at the end of a summer: …I’ll let you know when I figure it out. ✦✦✦✦✦ Rebel Heir is the second book in the Rush Series Duet. Book One, Rebel Heir, is available for sale now. REBEL HEART ✤ Amazon ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) ✤ iBooks ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) ✤ B&N ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) ✤ Kobo ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) ✤ Google Play ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) ✤ Add it to Goodreads here: ➜ REBEL HEIR ✤ Amazon ➜ ✤ iBooks ➜ ✤ B&N ➜ ✤ Kobo ➜ ✤ Google Play ➜ ✤ Audio ➜ ✤ Add it to Goodreads here: ➜ #newrelease #livenow #rebelheir #rebelheart #rushseries #penelopeward #vikeeland #goodreads #oneclick #romance #books #ebooks #kindle #Amazon #read #reading #alwaysreading #ilovereading #ilovebooks #authorsofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booknerd #booklover #bookaddict #bibilophile #bookish #instabook #instareads

Current read! 💕When I crowd-sourced the decision for which “guilty pleasure” book I should read for book club, most people chose The People We Hate at the Wedding. I was going to pick that up, but THEN I saw this one had a half Vietnamese half white romantic leading male character!!!!!! My husband is half Filipino and half white, and I neverrrr see Asian men as romantic leads. I’m so excited to see where this goes! • What characters would you like to see more represented in romance? • • • • • • • #luckyinlove #yaromance #diverseromance #contemporaryromance #ireadya #bookstagramcommunity #bookish #igbooks #bookphoto #amreading #bookstagram #bookblogger #bookishcommunity #alwaysreading #riotgrams

Bedtime is readingtime... ✨📖🛏✨ (📸: ) Repost via @littlemissbookreader Follow @archdodge for more news and videos about beautiful books. Enjoy :)

Many thanks to @shereadswithcats for this beautiful photo and her thoughts on HOW FAR SHE’S COME ❤️🖤 #Repost @shereadswithcats with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you so much @tlcbooktours and @williammorrowbooks for my free copy of HOW FAR SHE’S COME by Holly Brown - all opinions are my own. . Cheyenne Florian is a very beautiful, twenty-four-year-old vlogger that just received her dream job. She was recruited and jumped at the opportunity to be the newest correspondent on the Independent News Network (INN), an organization that prides itself on independent thinking and innovation. But Cheyenne quickly finds that age-old dynamics are at play: the men are over-welcoming, while some female colleagues are resentful. Also, a diary written by Elyse Rohrbach, a female broadcaster from 1991, shows up with a note attached warning Cheyenne to learn from the past. Did this diary come from a friend or foe? . From the prologue to the very end, this book does not slow down. The story is suspenseful, and at times realistic, as it parallels the misogyny and workplace harassment often reported in the media today. Brown does an excellent job of weaving current issues within a fictional story – it’s impressive just how incredibly well these topics are written. . I seriously could not put this book down! What makes HOW FAR SHE’S COME such a compulsive read? Well, it’s the writing style and the overall structure of the book. It’s exciting reading from Cheyenne’s perspective, but also so much fun reading the diary entries and Wikipedia articles throughout. The mystery of it all kept me totally engaged and constantly trying to figure out the ending. And although some parts are realistic, on the flip side, some are not, but that does not take away from the reading experience. Overall, I enjoyed it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . . #howfarshescome #hollybrown #blogtour #williammorrowbooks #tlcbooktour #bookreview #booksarecool #readingislife #booksandglasses #prettyinred #booklove #booknerd #bookaddiction #bookobsession #fiction #alwaysreading #shereadswithcats 🐈❤️

Dog park reading 📚 🐕 Finishing up The Power for book club tonight. #bookclub #dogpark

This love triangle is coming to you June 28! Available for preorder on iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. Link to Books2Read in the LinkTree in the bio. #romancewithheart #ashleyerin #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bookworm #totalbooknerd #bookstagram #bookphotography #bibliophile

HAPPIEST BOOK BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN, MEGHAN MARCH!!!! Rogue Royalty is live and ready for the obsessive readers to consume 😍 ROGUE ROYALTY SAVAGE TRILOGY – Book 3 By Meghan March Release Day – May 22 Unthinkable. Unbelievable. Inconceivable. I don’t recognize what my life has become. I can’t tell where the lies end and the truth begins anymore. He came into my world and urged me out of my safe little corner. All my dreams are coming true except the one thing I want most— my own happy ending. But I’ll fight for it. For now. For always. Blog post and purchase links will be up at 10am, check it out because this trilogy is not to be missed!!!

What are you guys reading on this release Tuesday? I think you should all be reading The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by @iamdavidarnold which hit shelves today. - 📚 - If you have been following my for the past well 5 years 😂 then you know I love David's books! I first fell in love with Mosquitoland and then came Kids of Appetite which was another fantastic read! - 📚 - I started TSFONH a few days ago and so far I'm loving it, I'm saving most of it for my 10 hour flight home from Norway 😅 - 📚 - What new release are you guys reading? - - - #newrelease #travelmore #urstravels #travelingbookworm #visitoslo

“Though the little wooden bridge in May still joins- I can’t distinguish my finest memory from among the worthless. Now and then there are bare trees between gray town, and soot rising pink air. With a rare tenderness I have dispersed all agreement. I need no mediator. No trees to surround the shelter, no sky to extend a hand to the trees, hardly that of a life to accept its claptrap unity: for as surely as I am drawn towards beaming uncertainty, a cavity of earth will open and a dreadful hoot of a bird be absorbed: There’s you, laughing: the abysmal repeats itself. You are not yet dead, I am already alone.” #MaryRuefle #wavebooks

“I find that if I remind myself (frequently) that the purpose of life isn’t to get it all done but to enjoy each step along the way and live a life filled with love, it’s far easier for me to do control my obsession with completing my list of things to do. Remember, when you die, there will still be unfinished business to take care of. And you know what? Someone else will do it for you! Don’t waste any more precious moments of your life regretting the inevitable.” - Richard Carlson 🌸🌺🌿 #alwaysreading #dontsweatthesmallstuff #positivevibesonly💯 #liveyourbestlife #mustread #currentread #favouritebook #bookoftheweek #richardcarlson