Gorgeous! 💕💕 thank you for using #idrinkandigrowthings . . . . #Repost @_houseplanthouse ・・・ I just realised I haven't shown you my pink syngonium for a while 🌱...who I have now discovered is happier (and who's leaves are pinker) when it's a bit further away from the window... It also needs to be watered less in this new position 🔆 🌿 🔸 Come join in our pink plant appreciation hashtag on @therealhouseplantsof_ig ➡️ #onwednesdaysweplantpink 🍥 🔸www.houseplanthouse.com🔸 . . . . . . #therealhouseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #pinkplant #houseplants #vscoplants #iloveplants #syngonium #pinkarrowhead #syngoniumpodophyllum

Okok, I didn’t plant these for #onwednesdaysweplantpink but given that it was my graduation day, maybe I get a pass? 😜 just wanted to share it with you all. . My gem of a partner ordered this from @studiofullbloom and can I just say that it’s ridunkulous?! (Get it? Get it? hehe) Pink is normally not my colour, but this was so gorgeous! Thank you hun!! Gonna dry them in a day or two. . Does anyone know what kind of flowers are all the white ones? . . #graduation #graduationday #freshcutflowers #ranunculus #ridunkulous #urbanjungle #crazyplantlady

{ Draw a flatlay } It's much more fun to draw a flatlay than to photograph one, for me. So here's a handful of drawn little items: cutting from a plant, light blue spoon, delicate peach coloured cup filled with coffee, painting of fittonia leaves, blue paintbrush, monstera leaf on a plant notes journal, & mint eyeglasses. 🌿Almost all are imaginary items on my imaginary desk - except 2 are real items of mine - can you guess which 2? 🌿( ps. this is 1/ of my series of drawn flatlays ) 🌿 #oodlesprintery #ilovecoffee #girlswithplants

Couldn’t decide between posting for #onwednesdaysweplantpink or #fuzzywuzzywednesday... so I did both😜🐷💖 Who says being indecisive is a problem? Not me, that’s for sure. • On another note, yay 3k!!😯 Thank you to everyone who: follows along, leaves me the nicest comments, slides in my DMs with questions, I’ve met IRL from this community, hosts awesome hashtags and giveaways, speaks the love languages of “plant puns” and “dad jokes”... the list goes on and on! I smile so much because of our interactions and not even the biggest giveaway could capture how grateful I am for each and every one of you — but I’ll try😏! Stay tuned!

Another pot with gold, whatcha gonna do 🤷🏻‍♀️ I said it was growing on me. Swipe ➡️ to check out the cute gold polka dots. But this pretty girl here the rosie-pink color 😍 #syngonium #onwednesdaysweplantpink planter from @rossdressforless

they’re simply perfect 💞

My pink princess is alive after chopping her head off. 🧟‍♀️👸🏼💖 She’s branched in 3 places and sprouted 4 leaves. The other pieces have rooted also. . My brevirimosa has come back with a vengeance after my Quin-Kong attack. 🦍 . My obovata was doing great, and has put out 4 leaves... then I moved it while I was watering one day, I think the spot was too sunny and I pissed it off. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . For most of us with plants, we are all experimenting, living and learning. 🌱🤓 . . . #whatshangingwednesday #waxplantwednesday #onwednesdaysweplantpink #hoyaobovata #philodendronpinkprincess #philodendron #aroidaddicts #aroid #begoniabrevirimosa #begoniabrevirimosaexotica #therealhouseplantsofinstagram #theplantedgram #jungalowstyle #plantsagram #pinkplant #hoya #begonia #urbanjungle