I haven’t watched porn in a week.

My hair grows so fuckin fast I understand this shit asf but @chrisbrownofficial what is on your head cause it look like you stole the prez toupee 😂

"Do you love me, me.. What about me?" #sameshit

What a man who love black females sees when he look upon a black woman (what I see when I see @breezysoslay photos) #melaningoddess #tarathornton

You gon’ be my baby Love me, love you crazy Tell me if you with it Baby, come and get it Try a new Thing And let’s spark a new Flame 🔥 #goosebumps 😍 @chrisbrownofficial #chrisbrown #beatbox #newflame

Let me rock ya body 🤤💙 • • • ManCrushErrrrrdaaay

wat'chu see is wat'chu get.....juss'gottah focus a lil'bit.... #twosday #OHB #thuglife😎 🔥💯💥🙌

“It's been a while since I been out, then come back to whip that Mercedes And my wrist keep drippin', grain grippin', I'm doin' 180 Now I used to be pimpin', be pimpin' but how can I say this? Girl, I'm tryna fuck with you Girl, don't take no pictures, don't take no pictures Girl, sorry if I'm slurring my words, I've been drinking, mixin' that liquor“ @chrisbrownofficial

Still waiting for @chrisbrownofficial to drop some new tracks 👀

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Think positive.... The goal is happiness! ❤️ #chrisbrown