Outing with this guy! Successful potty training efforts! Blue Chashma! #jayceonsinghivery #parenting #parenthood #mommyandson


Me and my best friend my son .. He is my world 😍😍 #mommyandson #myson #cutekid #babyboy #ilovehim #like #love #followme

Ryder and Mommy had a #swimming date night. We had fun as he tried to do cannon balls and belly flops. #🏊 #thisisryder #kidsatplay #poolfun #pool #mommyandson #theboy #ryderpaul

The very best part of being a mom, is watching my little babe experience new things for the first time. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the happiness on his face during these special times.

No one tells you that the hardest part of motherhood is when your kids grow up. . I swear I blinked and he was one. This time last year I was having a hard time adjusting to life with a newborn. This little guy and I have been through some rough nights. Breastfeeding is no joke! . We are still going strong, but it took some serious strength to get to this point. . Every day I wanted to quit, but Ezra kept me going! He has made me a stronger mother; not only for him but for his older brother too. . I would do anything to keep my sweet boys little, but getting to watch them grow is going to be incredible! ❤️

I’ve never loved anything more then I love you. You have no idea how much you hold me together . 🤱🏼💕 #forevermybaby #mommyandson #hunterjohn #loveyoumorethananything 🌎

Isn’t it funny what our kids pick up from us? Micah has a love for lists, he loves getting a todo list rather than me just trying telling him as we go, he loves having a plan. So with the start of a new school year I popped on @thinkblinq to see what I could find to get organized, their stock is ever changing so I’m always finding something new & this time I found this oversized chalk board! We’ve already started using it to jot down what needs to be done before school next week (!!!!). Ohhh and check out Micah’s polo, it was almost half off 😱🙌🏻 — I’m always being asked what are some ways to go green (without thrifting), well BLINQ keeps returns/overstock from going into a landfill by selling them for discounted prices. Over 5 billion pounds of excess inventory/returns end up in landfills each year in the U.S. 😱😱😱 So this is an easy way to shop green #blinqfinds #BackToSchool #ad #thinkblinq

All ready for bed! We got a lot of unpacking done today🙌🏾. Just have the garage left. . . . . . . Good night 💤😴

Mommy love you too😊 happy 28 months old today!Boy😌 #momlife #holiday #mommyandson #babylucaslo

BabyBoys first time at the pool today and He had a blast can already tell he’s going to be a little fish 🐠 #6months #mommyandson #mymini #pooltime #findingdory